Top 3 Easiest Ways to Add A Gift Card to Cash App-Can You Add a Gift Card to Cash App?

A friend of mine just asked me “Can you Add a Gift Card to Cash App? and I said “No”. It might have broken her heart, but for now, there are no direct ways of adding Gift Cards to the Cash App.

Wait! What? Did you just say “No direct ways”, She interrupted, What are the indirect ways? Can I transfer money Gift Card to my Cash App? Yes, you can through a workaround.

Cash App doesn’t support Gift Cards, and it doesn’t allow users to add gift cards to their accounts. The only Cards that you can link to your Cash App account are the VISA, American Express, Discover, and Master Card.

But if you want to know the workaround that you can use to add money from your gift card to Cash App, keep reading.

It would’ve been great if we can combine our gift cards with Cash App and have money in our Cash App wallet from all the gift cards that we have. You will have one app to do all the payments for you. Life would have been much simpler. So Can you use gift cards on cash app? maybe in the near future.

We all have witnessed the time when our VISA gift card has a low balance,  and it is so low that we can’t actually purchase anything from it. But we have other gift cards with some money left on them and together we can use that amount to actually make the payment.

That is when you start to wonder “Can you add a gift card to Cash App?” Because if you can you would roll in money.

Let’s see what alternative you can use to add gift card to your Cash App.

Ready? Let’s dive in…

Can you add a Gift Card to Cash App?

No, you can not add or use any gift card with Cash App. Cash App only allows its users to add a few government-enabled Prepaid Cards. So that makes it very limited, you won’t be able to all cards even if they are prepaid.

Currently, Cash App doesn’t allow you to add any gift card to your account. But let’s assume it gives the option to add a gift card to Cash App account sometime in the future, here is how you will be able to add it

How to add a gift card to Cash App:

  1. Launch Cash App
  2. Enter your credentials to log in
  3. Tap on “My Cash”
  4. Tap on “+Add Credit Card”
  5. Enter your Gift Card information
  6. Click “Confirm” to add a gift card to your Cash App.

So Can you use gift cards on Cash App like this in the future, Most probably yes.

Can I Add A Gift Card to Cash App (1)

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Can you link a Gift Card to Cash App?

It is impossible to link any card other than the supported Credit cards or Debit cards from authorized Banks. So linking a Gift Card to Cash App is not possible. You can not use the balance that is on your Gift Cart with your Cash App.

Allowed Cards for Cash App are the ones powered by VISA, American Express, Discover, or MasterCard.

Steps to transfer money from Gift Card to Cash App

Well, we are about to know the workaround I have been talking about. Although there is no direct way of sending money from Gift Card to Cash App. There is a multistep process that you can use to transfer money from any Gift Card to your Cash App wallet

here is how:

  1. Go to the CardCash website
  2. Add the merchant’s Name
  3. Add the amount that is on your Gift Card
  4. Click on “Get Offer
  5. Now the website will look for offers for your gift Card
  6. If there is an option available for your Gift Card
  7. The website will show the money that you will get on PayPal
  8. You will get the amount for the exchange of the Gift Card.
  9. Accept the amount if you like
  10. Then click on “PayPal” as a payment gateway.
  11. Type in the Gift Card Number
  12. Enter the PIN
  13. Click “Get my PayPal balance
  14. The money will be sent to your PayPal account.
  15. Now transfer the money to your Bank Account that is linked to Cash App.
  16. From that Bank account, transfer the money to Cash App

This might sound complicated and time taking, but it is better to add a gift card to your Cash App than to just throw it away.

All you have to do is first exchange your gift card for money, then send the money to PayPal, from PayPal to your Bank Account, and then to Cash App.

Other options to add a Gift Card to Cash App

You can look into these alternatives if you want to use a Gift card on Cash App but are not able to do it.

1- Split Payments

2- Gift Card Exchange

Split Payments

You can use the Gift Card in stores. Many of the merchants will let you use the split payments between two sources. So you can pay for something and us a gift card, while the remaining amount can be paid in cash or any other payment method.

This is a good way to use that little amount that is left on your card.

Gift Card Exchange

You can use your Visa gift card and purchase an e-gift card on Amazon. This gift card on Amazon can be redeemed. So you will be getting the money back in your Cash App wallet. You can use your prepaid VISA card to buy things on Amazon but keep in mind that there won’t be any split payments.

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can you use gift cards on cash app

Can You Add A Visa Gift Card to Cash App?

No, it is not possible to add a VISA gift to Cash app. The only VISA card that you can add to your Cash App is the Debit/Credit Card given to you by your bank account.

Gift cards are not transferable so you can not directly add money from your gift card to your Cash App wallet. It is better to use it or sell the gift card itself to receive money.

Can I Send Money from a Gift Card My Cash App?

Gift cards are like prepaid cards so you can not transfer money from a gift card to Cash App. However, there are ways to get money from the gift cards and then add it to Cash App.

You can use CardCash for this purpose. It is a platform where you can get an offer for your gift card, If you think the offer is good and the money that they are offering is enough, you can exchange your gift card for the money. You will receive the payment to your PayPal account and from there you can transfer it to your bank account that is linked to Cash App.

Can you send money from a gift card to Cash App? No, Not directly but by the process explained above you can get money for your Gift Card and add it to your Cash App Account.

The gift card that Cash App Accepts

Cash App does not accept any Gift Cards. You can link your VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards to your Cash App account only.

Cash app also gives you its own Debit Card, that you can use for online purchases and shopping. You can also customize the Cash App card if you like. Cash Card is also VISA-powered.


There is no way to directly add a Gift Card to Cash App, There are some workarounds, that may sometimes work. Maybe in the future Cash App allows its users to use a Gift Card on Cash App and we all will love that.

You need to understand that Gift cards are like prepaid Cards which are not transferrable. You can only use these cards to make purchases online, money from such cards can not be extracted.

There are some great alternatives that you can use to get money for your gift cards and then add that money to your Cash App account. I have already mentioned those above in this article.

Let me know what gift cards do you have and how this article helped you in the comments below. Cheers.


Frequently Asked Question

Can you transfer Walmart Gift Card to Cash App?

You can not transfer your Walmart Gift Card directly to your Cash App. You can use the alternative method that we have mentioned in this article. Cash App does not allow any prepaid card to be added to Cash App Account.

What prepaid cards work with Cash App?

according to Cash App, most prepaid Cards are supported by Cash App. Cash App does not allow depositing money to prepaid cards. Also, ATM cards, Paypal, and business debit cards are not supported at this time. Cash App accepts cards from American Express, VISA, Discover, and MasterCard.


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